Copenhagen’s Free State of Christiania: The alternative side to the Danish Capital

A walk around the Free State of Christiania soon reveals an absolute wealth of photography opportunities. The area is a green and car-free neighbourhood in Copenhagen, known for its free alternative way of life. Christiania was established in 1971 and is a mix of  houses, workshops, art galleries, music venues and open park land set around a lake.

Copenhagen 001 ChristianiaCopenhagen 002 ChristianiaCopenhagen 003 ChristianiaCopenhagen 004 ChristianiaCopenhagen 005 ChristianiaCopenhagen 006 ChristianiaCopenhagen 007 ChristianiaCopenhagen 008 ChristianiaCopenhagen 009 ChristianiaCopenhagen 010 ChristianiaCopenhagen 011 ChristianiaCopenhagen 012 ChristianiaCopenhagen 013 ChristianiaCopenhagen 014 ChristianiaCopenhagen 015 ChristianiaCopenhagen 016 ChristianiaCopenhagen 017 ChristianiaCopenhagen 018 ChristianiaCopenhagen 019 ChristianiaCopenhagen 020 ChristianiaCopenhagen 021 ChristianiaCopenhagen 022 Christiania

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen’s Free State of Christiania: The alternative side to the Danish Capital

  1. I loved the photographs, I was just a bit surprised by them since I thought people who live in this community don’t like photos being taken. Has that law changed?

    1. Thanks Evangelina, I’m really glad you like the photos 🙂 Actually, things have changed a lot in Christiania over the past few years (Pusher Street has been scaled down considerably). The photos were taken away from the main “drug dealer” area and reflect the more open residential part of the town which is of course a joy to walk around and perfectly safe during the day. Definitely worth a visit if you are ever in Copenhagen.

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